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4/3/09 10:18 am - My new website


it rocks go visit it!!!!

4/2/09 09:22 pm - surgery

Well I have been home and the surgery went well. im alive lol. Holly is staying a couple days with pawpaw so I can heal a little more but she'll be home Saturday. I miss her alot already. so guess that means no more talk about babies for a bit. don't get me wrong I'm not upset anymore. I understand things happen for a reason, some people would say karma for some of the immature crap ive done in my life. GOd is there for me. I know everyone thinks I'm nuts mentioning God but I have learned and felt Gods love and I think that the Devil has tried to bring me away from my new faith but it wont happen. DOnt worry friends IM NOT GONNA GOD YOU TO DEATH. I just have new thoughts and Ill still be me dont worry but what ill do will be done maturly and more thought out. im still the punky goth chick ever one knows and love so dont panic.

Peace out

4/1/09 03:56 pm - Writer's Block: No Foolin'

What's the best April Fool's joke you've seen today?
I didnt see any jokes today.

But, today I went to the doctor and they did an ultra sound and found out there was nothing in the sac. So no baby and no thats not an Apirl Fools joke.

So tomorrow I will be having surgery at 8:30 at Kennestone Hospital.

Pray for me!

3/30/09 09:36 pm - Ok something new Ill be doing whenever the mood strikes

I will be doing Casting Calls for my ideas for photography.... right now I am looking for Goth Girls that are fit and are comfortabl  in bikinis in photos.



3/30/09 03:28 pm - Writer's Block: Prison Time

If you were sent to prison for an undefined amount of time, what would you miss most?
First off I start by saying that would suck royally.
I would miss my child and husband, my camera, and my friends(i do have a few)
I dont have much freedom now so that wouldnt be much different. My child isnt bad and she doesnt crowd my freedom but my husband kind of does. My kid is pretty great about going places with me and helping with photoshoots, sometimes she gets frustrated and throws fits but shes three so I dont expect her to be any different. My husband yells and moans and groans if I go any where, he doesnt even like people over, so I pretty much try not to go anywhere for the sake of not hearing him bitch. But I cant say I blame him to much because he works alot and takes care of me and Holly and he doesnt get out much so hes jealous when I do. I sort of make him out to be worse than he really is.
Hes a good povider, and he love Holly with all his heart. And when I trully want something he gets it for me. Im in a way spoiled. We have been together for 6 years.  3 married 3 not. So we have been together for a long time. We know each others stregths and weaknesses. But then again I dont think we really really know each other. His birthday is coming up April 10th, and I still dont know what to get him. I never know what to get him, hes the hardest person to buy for. And he works more than we get to talk anymore. Even when he didnt have a night job, he played video games. We just dont talk much anymore. Im pregnant and we dont talk. Thats not healthy. Before stephen had lost his other night job, we wanted another baby, so we tried for a month and then as soon as I found out I was pregnant, he lost his job. Ever since that hes been rather negative. So like the title its been like prison here trying not to step on his toes.

Dont get me wrong,
I love him with all my heart, and I want to be with him for 60 more years. I just hope we can start communicating more. I hope I can find a job that will let me be more creative, and help pay for things. I have the church but I know Stephen wnts me to do more.

3/28/09 08:34 am - Another name and some other mumbo jumbo...

I like it I have to say....

Dresden Lee Welch

Now for the mumbo jumbo..... I dont know how I want to decorate the babys room once we get one or what have you. If its a girl (easy cause I wont have to decorate seeing as we wont be moving and holly and leslie would share there room) but for a boy which is what I am hoping for thats a challange. I want to do airplanes I think. Airplanes would be cute. But where would I find it.

http://www.unique-baby-gear-ideas.com/airplane-baby-bedding.html Omg thats so cute. The first one.

http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/zb126/index.cfm?clg=95&bnrid=3580101&cm_ven=Nextag&cm_cat=Shopping&cm_pla=Home%20page&cm_ite=Datafeed cute

It'd be neat cause then we could hang little airplane models all over the ceiling. Yay!

See that didnt't take long.

3/27/09 09:34 am - So.....New Stuff

I just found out at the beginning of this month that I am pregnant. I am going to have a baby! They questamated my due date as being in November 15th. Totally awesome. Holly-marie is going to be a big sister before she is four.

Even though it is early stephen and I have been throwing out names we like and dont like. Holly-marie has got some imput but the names are silly. Like she said "Pladoe" you know like the clay stuff, lol. And the one she said we liked was Light. But we arent using it.

I like Edwin-Scott Lee Welch for a boy
and Leslie Alynn Welch for a girl.

Stephen Likes "Bailey" but seriously I hate that name with a reason.

But he also likes
Scottie Lee Welch.

I dont think I like Scottie for a real name maybe a nickname.
I have my first doctors appointment Apirl 1st. It was March 24th but for some reason there was a mix up in the office. So I had to reschedule which by the way pissed me off alot and I kind of made a show on how dissappointed I was. But I tend to do that when I am super excited about something and it gets changed on me.

Holly runs around saying shes gonna be a big big sister! Its super cute.


And for those who dont know, I am hopeing for a boy.

2/13/09 08:41 am - Holly-Marie's Birthday

Two nights ago my daughter tripped and fell on a bed post and busted her eye. We went to the doctor they said it was just ugly nothing was wrong that we needed the hospital for! So thats good!

Today just so happens to the little Monkeys birthday!

Here are some pictures because I know some of you havent seen Holly-marie since she was born!



Isnt she cute!

2/10/09 09:05 pm - Bordem leads to....

bad thoughts.

Im serious I come up with the most random shit when I am bored. So today I was thinking of things that were very perverted but was related to nerdy things.

The first thing that poped into my head was "You can stick your hard drive into my motherboared anytime." I think I have lost it people. I am coming up with nerd pick up lines! Seriously help me, some one give me something to do! Its these walls! Its these god forsaken walls!!!!!!

Anyway back to sanety for a little while.

I asked Mrs. Cindy about going to school to be a priest in the ministry and I will taken classes in the fall for $40 bucks about the bible. My goal, since the photography seems to be only a hobby, is to be a Minister to teens and children! Sounds great right! Me and my crazy self! I am a bit weird but when I am at work at the church I feel calm and happy.

Mrs. Cindy also asked me to be counsler at two camps this coming summer.
1.Drama Camp
2.Mission Possible were even gonna do lazer tag! Woot!

These are going to be fun. You should see how these kids look up to me I feel loved.

Family life is another story. I got tierd of telling Holly to clean her room she refused so I took everything way and put them in bags. When she behaves she gets one thing back a week. So far its working.

My husband still doesnt understand me much, I think he thinks I am cheating on him, but Im not. I have friends I talk to but nope no cheating. Its kind of cute that he wants to make sure no one steals me away! lol he cracks me up..

Hollys birthday is in 2 and 1/2 days. She'll be 3 years old. I cant believe my baby is getting so big! She starts softball in a month and I start couching her team too!

I need more people to take pictures of guys! So call me! 4042266477

2/10/09 01:17 pm - Its been awhile...

Ive decided since no one really cares about my life that Ill just type it out on here where no one really sees.

I am not a person who complains to the masses. Yes I whine, and bitch but I trully dont let my insides out much. I seriously dont know what to do with myself. I am a stay at home mother who has no idea how to handle it. Im not a good cleaner. My child has a bad mouth and talks back worse than I have evenr seen any child do. She wont sleep. I have a husband who works , work, works, and works. I never see him. When I do get alone time we either fight or have aweful sex which would be great if I wasnt depressed. I want to be a good mother, housekeeper, and wife but I cant. Nothing I seem to do is good enough.
I want to do photography all the time. I want to take pictures of everything. I want to get paid for it. I cant do this free shit anymore. I need a magazine job, or something where my talent is useful. I feel useless. Absolutly useless. My husband hates me and thanks Im lazy, my daughter talks back and will not do what I say (at all), I have no one to talk to that understands because they all want to tell me to shut up and stop whining. I dont want to ruin my child or husbands life if theres something better for them. No I am not going to kill myself, but I hurt so much. I am in constant pain. I have gone to the doctor but they say nothings wrong. There must be something. I cant keep a job, Im just fucking useless!!!

woot mee
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